Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My New Favorite Band!!

This band is called One Republic and they are amazing! Check out their video....

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Home!!

Well, after a whirlwind trip to Nashville, TN, I've made it home. My plane landed last night and let me tell you, I'm beginning to appreciate our hot weather versus the humid hot weather I was bombarded by in Tennessee. Although, Kyle and I both agree that the south is beautiful because there's a lot more greenery. The trip started off a little hectic as Frontier decided their flight cut off is 6:00a.m, and we got there at 6:08a.m. Needless to say.... we (and 24 other people!) missed the flight and were forced to enjoy the Orange County airport until 2:35p.m. Kyle and I both had our computers so at least we were able to get some work done while we waited. Even though we lost a day, we more than made up for it by shopping in Nashville, seeing a Cartel show, eating at Cracker Barrell, enjoying fish and chips with my brother Josh, and sightseeing in downtown Franklin. We stayed with our friends Brad and Joy, who only moved to Tennessee a year ago, so they were excited to get some sightseeing in also. Below are some pictures of the fun we had.

Today began a week of teacher inservices for all the teachers at AVCS. It was so exciting to see everyone!! I can't wait till school starts next week.

Our friends Brad and Joy

Josh and I at McCleary's eating fish and chips

Joy and I enjoying the Cartel show

Kyle and I in Nashville

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nashville, here we come....

Kyle and I are heading to Nashville, TN. Business for Kyle, pleasure for me. I'll blog when I get back.

And the Yankees take the 3rd.....!

Well after two nights of exciting games the Yankees finally took back their all too familiar glory tonight. And fortunately enough I was there to revel in the glory. For those of you that don't know, I'm a HUGE Yankees fan. Yeah, I know, go ahead and boo. It's not that I don't like the Angels, it's just that I've been a Yankees fan since I was 8 and only living in CA since 2002. Loyalty is key in baseball, why else do you think the Red Sox remained friends with the ghost for so long? So here's the quick run down... Monday night was a tight game but the Angels pulled it out at the bottom of the 10th inning, winning 6-5. Going into Tuesday's game I was hoping for the best, only to return from babysitting to find the Angels leading 13-5 in the 4th inning! While the Yankees tried to bring the heat in the 9th innning, they lost once again to the Angels 18-9. Tonight I believe, I was the missing element the Yankees needed to win. Taking only 9 innings to own the game, the Yankees beat the Angels 8-2.

We went to the game with friends of ours who got married in January, and we had fun drinking beer and eating Panda Express. The traditional hot dog at the baseball game, lost to mediocre Chinese food. Here are some pictures of all the fun we were having.

Yeah!! The Yankees rock!

Our friends Matt and Amy

Here's Matt and Kyle enjoying the game

Kyle and I after the Yankees beat the Angels 8-2

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Classroom!

Welcome to my classroom! While it's not completely done, it's 99% finished. It's been such a blessing to have been able to work in my classroom this summer. I know that many schools don't allow the teachers to organize and decorate their classrooms during the summer, they have to wait until the week of teacher inservice. This precious time has allowed me to take my time and really make the space my own. My themes is Circles and Stripes... I know... surprising! And the main colors I'm using are baby blue and brown. Enjoy the pictures!

It's so crazy that school is getting ready to begin again soon. I'm excited to begin the new year, and my first full year at AVCS. I feel that God has truly blessed me with this job and the wonderful staff of teachers that I work with. So many teachers talk about how they feel disconnected from other teachers and primarily their principals. Our school does a wonderful job of supporting their teachers and helping them succeed. Thank you Jesus for blessing Kyle and I with wonderful careers we love, Godly friendships, and an growing love for each other. ~Amen

Here are some pictures of my classroom:

Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer's Almost Over!

This week has been crazy busy in the Circle household. I've babysat everyday this week so far and I have my best friend from college staying with me right now. We've had so much fun catching up despite the fact that she's had some hurtful things done to her recently but her, well, now ex-boyfriend. It saddens me that someone she thought she could spend the rest of her life with could be so careless and stupid. I can't help but ask God why He allows us to fall in love with others only to be hurt so badly and have it not work out. I'm reminded that God gives us free will and if we're not relying on Him to help us keep free of temptation then things like this happen. Without saying anymore, if you remember, please pray for my friend during this heart breaking time in her life where she's struggling to figure out what she's going to do next.

Yesterday I had the chance to go with my friend Katie to the teacher supply store and buy decorations for my classroom bulletin boards. I can't even begin to tell you how exciting this outing was for me, and how spending the day putting last minute touches on my classroom really gave a feeling of excitement and nervousness for the new school year. This is my first full year teaching and I've never been there on the first day of school to lay down ground rules and set the pace for the year. I've been praying a lot that God will help me to challenge my students and help them set goals for their lives. I hope that my passion for school and learning becomes contagious.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Start of Something New!

While some of you might not know this about me, besides teaching I really love event planning. For the last two years I've been toying with the idea of starting a children's party planning company. Not to take the place of teaching, because nothing could do that! Trust me, my husband and family can attest to that. But really to be able to follow through with a second dream of mine, something that I could do when I have a family, and even after I go back to teaching when my children are old enough. Having this summer break has given me the time I've needed to get this company off the ground. I designed business cards, put together a business plan, and began marketing myself through people I've been babysitting for all summer. I'm calling my company Circle Custom Creations, as I hope to design something new and wonderful for each of my clients. The goal is to market my company through word of mouth as I feel that it will gain momentum better through those who have used my services and love what I do! I've even enlisted the services of people I know who are also trying to begin their own companies to embark on this adventure with me. If you know anyone who might be interested, have them visit my new blog (since the website is not up and running yet): http://circlecustomcreations.blogspot.com/

I'm so excited for this adventure I'm on and look forward to keeping you updated on how it's going.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

God Tube?

I know, I'm blog obsessed, but after I posted the last blog Kyle introduced me to this video link. Check it out! Now I can really work God and church into my schedule by watching a church broadcast on this site, rather than making the time to get off my behind and go to church, and worship and commune with others (note the sarcasm). Who's to say this website is going to be a more "Godly" version of You Tube. I don't believe that we need to come up with a Christian version of Myspace and You Tube to witness to people. If you get a minute check out this video, it's an interview on FOX News with the gentleman who began the website. Let me know what you think.

Time for a Change!!

As many of you know I've been working hard to grow my hair out for quite a few months. It has actually grown pretty long and I was amazed at my patience as it grew. However, after running into a woman with an AMAZING short hair cut, I got the urge for a change. I held onto the business card of the woman's hairdresser for 3 weeks trying to decide if I should cut my hair. I even lost sleep over it! Well, all I have to say is, I cut it!! I absolutely love the cut. My new hairdresser is fabulous, and if you want her to cut your hair, let me know and I'll pass along her number.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Celebrity Sighting!!

Tonight Kyle and I joined his parents for dinner and an Angels game. The Red Sox were in town, so I was excited to put on my cheerleading costume and fluff my pom poms to lead the Red Sox to a winning game. Well, maybe there was no cheerleading costume or pom poms but I was definetely cheering for my families home team. (Did I mention we had Diamond Club seats and were 7 rows up from home plate?) Together we boo'd the umpire that threw Ramirez out in the second inning. I maintain it was a BALL, not a strike!! In the end the Angels won it 4-2, much to my disapointment, but Kyle and I had a great time with his parents! Thanks mom and dad for taking us to the game.

As we sat at the game I noticed a starlet sitting amoung us. Can you guess from her picture? You got it... Rene Russo was in the stands and cheering for none other than the Red Sox. She sat amoung her fans, laughing and joking the entire game. Even without make up I think she looked beautiful! And really... how often do we really get to see celebrities here in southern california.

Kyle and I cheering for the Red Sox, no the Angels, no the Red Sox!!

Licorice vines are a must at the game

Drama.... dumb Manny Ramirez!

Fun in the Sun!

Kyle and I have made it to the beach the last two weekends in a row and have plans to go with friends next weekend also. I'm very excited. Despite the fact that we live in southern California, and only 15 minutes from the beach, we struggle to make it there. We're trying hard to change that as the end of the summer approaches.

Look at how beautiful it was...private beaches!!

Kyle tanning and reading

Kyle and I soaking in the rays

Sunday, August 5, 2007


This summer I have been babysitting through a service in the Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach areas. It has been an interesting experience and I've met some wonderful families. This past week I was asked to sit at the Ritz-Carlton 3 nights in a row! The first night I sat for 4 children, last night there were 5 and this evening 2. Tonight I was sitting two small children as they slept soundly in their beds. I ordered a movie, "Catch and Release," with Jennifer Garner and relaxed on a comfy hotel bed. As I was watching the movie, it struck me that I was getting paid to do what I would normally do at home.... lay in bed and watch tv. I know I was there to watch these two beautiful sleeping children, but it felt as if I was alone in my own suite at the Ritz-Carlton listening to the sound of the ocean. I know, my life is so difficult. Babysitting has taught me a lot about what it would mean for Kyle and I if we had a family and how much our lives would change. When Kyle and I reach that point in our marriage I know that we will be wonderful parents and provide our children with amazing adventures. Who knows, maybe one day it will be us requesting a babysitter at the Ritz-Carlton while we go out to dinner. Hmmm... if you know Kyle and I, you are probably chuckling right now. We would never stay at the Ritz, and then request a sitter!
Three more weeks of babysitting and then the new school year begins. I'm very excited for all the adventures the next year will bring.

Ritz-Carlton guest rooms

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our Family!

We have been married for almost three years (at the end of September) and are really enjoying the time we get to spend with one another in the mist of our busy schedules. Kyle has been an entreneur since I met him and for the last two years has been growing his company, The Credit Card Machine Man, where he sells and leases wireless credit card machines to national touring bands. It has been amazing to watch his company grow to where he recieves a plethera of phone calls everyday from new clients. Recently, his one business grew to two when he partnered with a gentleman who is in the import industry. With Kyle's knack for sales and his partners knowledge of manufacturing they are printing custom hoodies for Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes and several other bands touring the U.S this fall. This has been an exciting new adventure and one that Kyle is really enjoying, as he loves the merchandise industry. I'll post a picture once we recieve the sample.

I, on the other hand, have been busy finishing up my teaching credential. Although when Kyle and I met I was convinced that I didn't want to go into teaching after all, God had a different plan once we were married and opened up the doors for me to work full time and finish my teaching credential. After being back in the classroom last fall I knew God had given me a special calling to work with children and I was excited to fufill his plan for my life. In January, upon the completion of my credential, I was offered a job at a private Christian school in the city we live in. Despite my own plan to teach 3rd grade, I accepted the position to teach middle school language arts and have loved every minute of it. I've continued in school and plan to graduate with my masters this December. YEAH! Kyle's encouragement has also let me down a path looking at doctorate programs and I am very interested in the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Pepperdine University, but who knows where God will lead us next.
We are excited for the adventure we are on, and look forward to someday buying a house and having a family. Until then, please keep in touch with us through our blog, we love to hear from you.

Kyle & Alissa

Aliso Viejo Christian School

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I know this is my third blog today, what can I say, I'm excited about this new adventure I've embarked on. I promise to slow down soon. As I walked into Starbucks today, all I could think about was the Iced Mocha I was craving. As I stepped into the coffee shop the familiar smell engulfed me and I immediately felt excited to be there. I approached the register with my $3.00 in hand and to my dismay that was my total. I say this because they have once again raised their prices at my favorite dwelling spot. While this might not seem like a lot, at first, it was a confirmation that I need to kick this habit. As I waited for the barista to make my drink the thought crossed my mind that I could support a local coffee shop for the same price as what I was paying to recieve my freshly made mocha here. However, taking one sip of drink, I was once again assured why I love Starbucks! While I might have to make it a random treat now and then, I realize I'm not ready to leave this familiar place where everyone knows my name.

50th Wedding Anniversary

At the end of May, Kyle and I visited the island of Maui with his family to celebrate his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. While we were there we rented two homes on the beach right next to each other and spent the week spending time with the family. We get together as a family quite a bit, but there's something about being away from our everyday environment that helps us relax and really enjoy each others company. It was an amazing trip! But our focus was really on two amazing people who have loved each other unconditionally for 50 years. As Kyle and I approach our 3 year anniversary, I'm reminded how wonderful marriage really is. I love that I have a partner to walk through life with, who loves me despite all my quirks, and constantly reminds me how blessed he feels to know me. Even now he is my favorite person to spend time with, and share my secrets with. I hope that 50 years from now we will have had the opportunity to share some of the same wonderful, love-filled experiences with each other that Kyle's grandparents have shared.

Kyle's Grandparents

Kyle and I

My Very First Blog

Recently, I've had a lot of friends begin blogging and it has inspired me to begin one myself. I thought it would be a great way to share with my friends and family all the crazy things Kyle and I are up to. Lately, we've been working hard and trying to spend time with friends we don't see often. Last weekend my cousin Jamie, her husband Andrew and their new puppy Lucy came to visit us. On Saturday we walked around Irvine Spectrum, laughing at Lucy each time she rolled on her back in front of strangers walking by hoping they would scratch her tummy. It was adorable! On Sunday, we went to the beach, laid in the sun, and put our feet in the California ocean. I was thankful it wasn't as hot as Saturday was. This week I'm hoping to finish getting my bulletin boards in my classroom up. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of my classroom to show you soon.

Here's Lucy chillin' on our sofa

Andrew and Kyle at the beach