Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 2-9 Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. It was an amazing day! A day where I had Kyle all to myself the entire day. He took off work, and all his calls went to voicemail.We've been so busy and then Katelyn and I got sick, we haven't been able to spend time just the 2 of us. Something we've been working diligently to do every week or as often as we can. Katelyn and I stayed at the beach house last night because Kyle was out late with Bidwell at The Roxy for their 2nd showcase show. It went great! I slept in, yes Katelyn slept in till 10am with me.... oh yeah! Then we spent the morning hanging out until Kyle came to pick me up.  Jan watch Katelyn for us so we could spend the whole day together. The weather was amazing, sunny and beautiful! We went to lunch at Ruby's and then walked around Fashion Island. All I wanted to do was window shop, while holding hands with my hubbie!  Sappy, I know, but I don't mind! After walking around for a couple of hours we headed back to the beach house so I could nurse Katelyn and then get ready to go to dinner. Kyle was even able to sneak in a much needed nap. We took some family pictures on the deck while the sunset behind us and then Kyle and I headed to Tommy Bahamas for dinner. We love the ambiance and the food there and decided it was the perfect spot for us to wine and dine and have good conversation. Dinner was fabulous! In fact I'm eating dessert right now as I blog.... yummy! Thanks babe for making my birthday so special. I love you more than words could ever express.
Love, A xoxoxo

ok I have to brag a little.... I've lost all my baby weight + an additional 4 pounds

The Celebrating begins....

March is my favorite month of the whole year! Why you ask, well because it's my birthday month! And it's not just my birthday in March, my Dad's is March 20th, my Mom's is the 29th and mine is the 30th. (Happy Birthday Mom and Dad, I love you both!) Sunday we had a family celebration because it is Kyle's Nana's and cousin Cheyenne's birthday's too. So much fun! We bbq'd, ate (a lot!), and enjoyed spending time as a family. Too bad the weather was not more cooperative, it was overcast, cold and windy the whole day. I'm pretty sure we even felt rain at one point. Katelyn decided she was going to help me open my gifts. I think she recalled how much fun she had at Christmas time.

Welcome Levi Thomas Jasbon

Sunday we attended the dedication of our good friends, the Jasbon's, new baby's baptism. He is absolutely adorable!! Danielle is a part of the Curtis clan and the Curtis' have been best friends with the Circle family for years. I have seen many a home video with these two families spending time together. Danielle married Benoni almost 2 years ago and we were so excited to find out after Katelyn was born that they were expecting a little one as well. We've already decided that Levi and Katelyn are going to be married someday. You can tell already he's going to be tall, dark and handsome! Congratulations Danielle and Benoni, you both are such wonderful parents and friends!!

The happy couple
An adorable family
The Curtis and Jasbon clan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Day in the Park

It was such a beautiful day out. 75 degrees, my favorite. Not too hot, not too cold. Kyle and I decided to take Katelyn to the park for a picnic. Kyle's been really busy with Bidwell in town playing showcases and Katelyn and I spent the week sick, so it was really nice to get out of the house and spend time as a family. We packed some $5 foot longs, Cheerios and some water and headed to a local park. While we were there we took Katelyn down the slide and she played on the swings. It was so cute! She would kick her legs back and forth to try and keep the swing going. Katelyn loved watching all the big kids run around the park, and I could tell she was wishing she could keep up. After some relaxation and family photos we headed home. 

Tomorrow we're heading down to Kyle's parents to celebrate Kyle's Nana and my birthdays. Can't believe it's already the end of March and I'm turing another year older. It's been a fabulous year filled with so many blessings and new friendships... and the biggest gift of all Katelyn. I'm excited to spend the day at by the ocean. Kyle and I are packing our suits so we can take Katelyn down to play in the sand and the water. 

All Better

Katelyn has fully recovered from her little tummy bug, praise Jesus!!! It was so hard to watch her continuously throw up for 2 days. She's back to her happy, active self. Thank you for your prayers. Love Kyle, Alissa, & Katelyn Renee xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tummy Bug

After a busy week of being out of the house, Katelyn and I returned home on Saturday.
It felt so great to be home. We love being at the beach house, 
there's something about sleeping in your own bed. We all went to bed early on Saturday night and woke up with Katelyn around 9:30 the next morning.
I was thrilled to have slept in so late.
I walked in the nursery
it's smelled so bad
Katelyn had thrown up dinner from the night before!
Poor baby girl was so tired that even though she threw up she didn't wake up crying, she simply crawled to the other side of her crib and went back to sleep.
I got her up, nursed her, and put her in the tub. This was only the beginning of a long day.
No sooner had she gotten out of the tub and dressed, she threw up again, and again, and again.
Immediately she started running a temperature and all she wanted to do was sleep.
I called the doctor on call. He said cool baths, Pedealyte and lot's of rest and to come see him on Monday.
Katelyn spent the whole day throwing up everything she nursed until her 8:30 feeding.
Got her in the tub again, and snug in her jammies and in bed. She slept in 4 hours shifts waking up to nurse. 
Ok, she sleeps through the night so my poor milk ducts are working on overdrive trying to keep up with all the milk she's drinking.
At least she's eating I tell myself
Monday we woke up and she just wanted to sleep in the rocking chair on mommy. I had already spent all day Sunday there, what's another day. So grateful for the rocking chair!
Got a doctor's appointment at 3:45, by this time I'm worried she's dehydrated and I'm going to end up in the ER. Kyle's in LA with Bidwell in meetings and I'm praying I don't have to call and tell him to meet me at Mission Hospital.
Before we even make it to the doctor's Katelyn starts having diahria. Poor baby, what next?!
The doctor says, she's not dehydrated and is surprised by how well she looks considering the fever,  and throwing up.
He tells me the diaheria is the tail end of the tummy bug and that I should start seeing some improvement soon. 
Came home, ate some dinner. Katelyn ate pasta and Cheerios. She stayed awake playing and watching Dancing with the Stars and finally nursed and went to bed at midnight.
Today she woke up feeling much better. She's already danced with Elmo, and eaten her apple bananas.
Praise Jesus! Thank you for all your prayers!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning to walk

Katelyn and I spent last week at the beach house so the band could stay at our apartment with Kyle and they could go to meetings and do "band business" stuff. While we were down there Katelyn decided to try walking with her little push cart. She walked across the floor from the kitchen and the living room.

Katelyn's 1st Trip to Disneyland

Bidwell, the band Kyle manages was in for a label showcase after being on tour for the last couple of months and we decided to have some good ol' Southern California fun while they were here. 2 of the guys were celebrating birthdays and 1 of the 2 is new to the band and had never been to California before so of course everyone wanted to give him the ultimate experience. Katelyn had never been to Disneyland and I've only been once or twice before this so we were excited to spend the day as a family and with the band. Kyle and the band ended up going to Disneyland earlier than we did because I had Bible study.  It was hot and crowded, but fun nevertheless. I have to say, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the "most wonderful place on Earth." Something you wouldn't realize you were missing out on if you didn't grow up going there. Katelyn managed to ride the carousel and Story Book Land before falling asleep in the stroller. When she woke up we went on Pirates of the Caribbean, ate some dinner, and walked around before Katelyn and I headed home. All in all it was a wonderful day, and I'd love to go back another day when it's not so crowded and Kyle and I can ride a bunch of rides with Katelyn.

"C" is for the Circle family

Future bride...
Katelyn loved the Carousel. She held on all by herself and smiled as the horsey went up and down.

Katelyn riding Storybook Ending
Poor baby passed out she was so tired

Look at those teeth coming in! She has 4 now.
Kyle with Nate (lead singer of Bidwell), Gemma (Nate's wife) and Jon (Nate's brother)

Saturday, March 21, 2009