Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Exhausted!

1. I'm exhausted!

2. This has been a crazy week at school with Student Council elections, and the Harvest Celebration - and it's only Wednesday.

3. I finally finished the rough draft of my thesis paper, well everything except the findings and analysis part - it's 30 pages long! WOHOO!!! It has taken all my effort to sit down and focus on those last 12-15 pages. Some of you reading this already know. ;-)

4. Two more days left in the school week. I'd count down the days till Christmas, but I don't want to be one of those teachers.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to bed!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Red Sox show they are a team to watch out for

Well the Red Sox pulled it out again tonight proving that they deserve to be in the World Series once again. Not having seen them in the series since 2004, I was excited to watch the line up perform. They began with a 13-1 win last night against the Rockies, and didn't hold back tonight, beating them 2-1. It was a tight game and although the Sox were having trouble hitting, their fielding remained impecable. Pitching tonight for the Red Sox was Schilling, Okie, and Papelbon. Schilling pitched 6 great innings, giving up only one run. He tipped his hat as he handed over the ball. Okie came out for 2 1/3 innings with 4 strikeouts, and no hits. Papelbon appeared in the 8th and 9th inning keeping the Rockies from scoring and helping the Sox deliver the win. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going as they head to Colorado for games 3 and 4.

One question remains for people as they watched Schilling tip his hat: Was this his last game or does he still have some magic left in him?


The Fire Continues...

Well, the fires continue throughout Southern California. It's overwhelming to think about how many firefighter's are out there putting their lives on the line day after day, and all the homes and lives that have been lost because of the fires. May God bless those families and give them peace in this time of tragedy. They are now offering a $70,000 reward to the person who turns in the arson who started the fire closest to our home. If you have news coverage about the fires, our fire is called the Santiago Fire.

Meanwhile, here's how my week has looked due to poor air quality.
Monday - School was evacuated at 1p.m
Tuesday - School was cancelled
Wednesday - We had school, but the air quality was getting worse
Thursday - School cancelled (All districts in our area have no school)
Friday - School is cancelled and set to resume on Monday

While I have to admit being the worry wart that I am, I was feeling anxous about the amount of school being missed, while at the same time excited about the new found time to work on my thesis paper. It's hard to fall behind in the classroom, especially if you're like me, and your planner is already filled in till the end of the trimester. AAHHH!! I guess it doesn't always pay to be an over achiever. In between working on my thesis paper (20 pages and counting) I've takeb a few breaks. Today I went with my friend Chrissy and we fought the crowds at Mission Viejo Mall as we walked around. Some good sales happening. If you like Banana Republic, I have one word for you... SALE!!! Tomorrow Katie, Chrissy and I are heading over to try out the new Chipotle that opened at Irvine Spectrum.

Well that's all for me now. I'm watching the Red Sox game. Last night the Sox won 13-1, and I'm waiting for them to blow the gate open and slaughter them again tonight!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Weekend of Memories!

Last Thursday night, Kyle and I packed our bags and headed for the Long Beach Airport for our red-eye flight to Boston. After getting to school at 6:45am (couldn't sleep), having a student council meeting at 7:30, teaching all day, and then rushing home so Kyle could take me to my Master's class; when they picked me up at 6:30pm, I was ready for bed. Getting through LB airport wasn't so bad, other than it's small and most of it is outdoors. It looks like several old modulars joined by cement walkways. Not very exciting.

We were heading to Reading, MA to visit my mom and grandparents, and of course to see the Princeton v. Harvard game. We arrived early Friday morning and my Mom and Papa picked us up. It was so much nicer than waiting an hour and a half for the bus, so we were grateful they were willing to come get us. Pulling up to my grandparents house brought back so many memories. The street they live on is beautiful and so is the house they have been living in for 45 years. The house was quiet when we arrived, it was still early, and Kyle, Mom, Papa, and I sat around the living room enjoying each others company till the other awoke. After saying hello to everyone, Kyle and I decided to take a nap for a couple of hours before we were going to take the train back into Boston to take a tour of the office my Mom works at.

After waking up from our nap, we headed into Boston. It was fun to take the train out there and be able to picture Mom heading to work everyday. If you love to people watch, there sure are some interesting people who ride the train. We arrived in Boston and headed towards Mom's office. Her building is right above a beautiful mall, I don't even know how she controls the temptation. I'd be down there every lunch time! The office was beautiful!!! We could see why she loved working there. Kyle especially enjoyed the snack closet in the kitchen.

On Saturday, Papa, Nana, Mom, Kyle and I packed in the car and headed towards Cambridge, where Harvard is located. We met up with my in-laws, some of our OC friends who flew out for the game, and other football players parents. Several of us wore Brendan's football jersey with his number during the game (they sell them at the PU store). I would give a recap of the game, but unfortunately we lost. It was sad, as we fought hard during the first half, but after going through 3 quarterbacks, we were unable to hold Harvard. We lost 27-10. Here are some pictures of the game:

On Sunday Kyle and I headed to church with Mom and Papa. After church Nana made us a delicious lunch and we were back in the car headed for the airport. Kyle and I had such a wonderful time, we can't wait to be there for Christmas!

Tragic Fires!

Well, school was cancelled today and we sent our students home at 1pm yesterday due to the really bad smoke blanket covering our area. We now have a total of 18 fires between Santa Barabara County to San Diego County, one of which is just about 10 miles from our house. While we are not in danger of our house buring down, we can see where the fire is located and can smell the smoke when we are outside. We were told to stay indoors and run our air conditioning during the day. It's hard to believe that we have so many fires burning, some out of control, so near to us. The fire near us was confirmed as arson, and I really hope they are able to catch the thoughtless person who started it So many people have lost their homes and Kyle and I know several people who have had to evacuate due to possible danger. Yesterday a fire broke out in Lake Arrowhead, which is a city we drive by on the way up to Big Bear. Kyle's aunt, uncle and three cousins had to evacuate and are now staying at the Big Bear cabin. Kyle spoke with them this morning and they still have no idea if they have a home to go back to. Thankfully Kyle's other aunt and uncle, who had a beautiful log cabin in Lake Arrowhead, just moved down the mountain because their home has been burned to the ground.

Please pray for all the people who have lost homes and had to evacuate over the last couple of days and are not sure when they can return home. This is a tragic time for Southern Californians and with the Santa Ana winds blowing at 40-50mph they are not sure they can contain some of these fires before Halloween.

This is a view of the fires that NASA took from space! The one lonely fire you seen in the middle of the areas that have multiple fires, is the fire closest to us.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

There's Something About Being Surrounded by Nature...

This weekend Kyle and I headed up to Big Bear with several people from the church we've been attending in Long Beach, CA. It's a brand new church, less than a year old, and it's been so wonderful to be part of a church family where we feel we know everyone in the family. There are some wonderful people that attend this church and I feel God has truly blessed me with some new girl friends. Even though the church is a bit of a drive from our house, we have felt extremely blessed by the message and the people. There are about 13 of us who came up to the Circle cabin for a weekend of relaxation and "fellowship."

Today (Saturday), Kyle and I took our friends Lori and the Miller family around the lake, showing them both downtown Big Bear and the Fawnskin side. We stopped at a beautiful lake along the way and took tons of pictures. It's so BEAUTIFUL up here! The air is crisp, the sun is out, and it feels great to layer on our "winter" clothes and enjoy spending some time outdoors. While we were downtown, we ate at a great Mexican restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious chicken nachos and quesadillas, until poor Tyson laid himself down on the floor and exclaimed, "I need a nap." At that point we decided to head back to the house for a nap and an intense game of Monopoly.

Tonight is our Pastor's fiance's birthday so I'm off to make a cake. More from me later!


The Miller family and Lori ready to head out on a tour of Big Bear

The adorable son of the Millers, Tyson

Rachel, Lori and I down by the lake

Kyle and I on the dock of the Fawnskin house

Princeton Tigers!

Well fans, I wish I better news about todays game. Despite the excitement of a possible comeback and an extremely close game, the Tiger's lost. Kyle and I believe that we are going to be Brendan's good luck charm next weekend when we head to Boston to watch the Harvard/Princeton game. Here are the stats from todays game:

Tigers 24
Brown 33

Brendan's Stats
passes - 2
Yards - 48

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Aloha Olivia Ohana

Last night Kyle and I went to Olivia the bands farewells show. This is a band that Kyle and I have known for 3 years and that Kyle managed for more than a year. They put on a great show, and the crowd was filled with loyal fans who have loved them for years and will miss them dearly when they leave. At one point in the show several of the kids began crowd surfing. Now I have always found this to be an interesting activity and one that strikes me as an easy way to get hurt. Imagine going home from a concert and explaining to your parents that you think you broke your leg jumping off a 9 feet stage into a group of strangers hoping that they would catch you. I'm especially amused by crowd surfers who begin with a running start before jumping off the stage. So.... last night, I'm watching these kids jump off the stage into the crowd, who is barely absorbing the fall, when I see this teenage boy take a 10 feet running start toward the crowd. As he leaves the stage I watch as he pulls his legs up to his chest as if he's going to do a cannon ball into a swimming pool. I watch in horror/amusement as the crowd parted and watched him fall to the ground. Needless to say, he had to be carried out with help. Kyle and I laughed so hard, I was in tears. Who does that?!! To add to my amusement, the lead singer, Reed, at the end of the song said to the crowd, "be careful crowd surfing, make sure there's someone to fall on!" It was hilarous!

Olivia the Band is a great band and if you haven't hear them, click on my blog title and it will link you to their website. Let me know what you think. This band will be soarly missed. And to the band all I have to say is, "See you March 15!"

Tears Shed for the Tigers

Well.... I wish I had better news to report, but after an almost 4 hour long game, the Tiger's lost yesterday. They began the game strong, ahead 27-14 at the end of the first half. Unfortunately, the Tigers couldn't hold out during the second half and in the last quarter of the game, Hampton pulled out all the stops and won the game 48-27. Hampton is ranked quite high in the nation, but I'm not going to lie, at the end of the first half I thought for sure the game was ours. Brendan played well and was 3 passes for 30 rushing yards, and 1 recieve for 18 yards. Here's an update on the Tiger's stats so far.

Princeton Tigers
Wins - 2
Loses - 2

Passes - 18
Yards - 322

Don't worry Tigers, next week is going to be a great game!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Taste of Fall

I can't believe that it is October already! This year has blown by so fast and before you know it, Christmas will be here. Kyle and I sat down to look over our schedule and realized we better get some play time in with friends because it's going to be getting busy in the Circle household. If you don't believe me, check out our calendar....

October 12-14: Big Bear Cabin

October 18-21: Boston for the Princeton/Harvard game (Go Tigers!)

October 26-28: Anniversary getaway

November 9-11: New Jersey for the Princeton/Yale Game

I'm excited for all the trips we're taking, but sometimes it's fun to kick back and relax. Yesterday Kyle and I ran to Target for toothpaste, and what should have been a quick trip turned into a trip down Halloween Lane. I'm going to start a poll, should Kyle be the chicken or the beer keg for Halloween? I'm leaning towards the chicken, but do I want to end up being the egg? Not so much....

Tonight, Kyle and I went to our favorite restaurant in Newport Beach called Ho Sum Bistro. It's considered a Californiental establishment and they are know for their chicken salad. It's amazing! We met up with one of Kyle's groomsmen, Justin (my favorite friend of Kyles) for dinner and drinks at a local bar afterwards. Don't they look cute together!?