Friday, March 11, 2011

Do the Pokey Pokey

Every since Miss Katelyn started her dance class we've been doing a lot of the Hokey Pokey Pokey. It's very quickly becoming a staple in our home. Here Katelyn is showing her Grandma, Nana & Papa on Skype how to do the Pokey Pokey in her tutu and dress up ballet shoes. Don't worry, there's video to come!!

Put your right hand in

take your right hand out

do the hokey pokey

turn yourself around.

Someone has....

been practicing eating with his spoon

Yet he somehow manages to still need a bath when he's all done. Let me tell you, there was applesauce everywhere!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ONE Year

We just passed the ONE year anniversary of being home owners! Woohoo!! It's hard to believe that one year has already passed. And what a year it has been. We celebrated my Big 3-0, Katelyn's 2nd birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Brayden's 1st birthday and many other memorable get togethers in this wonderful home. We are truly blessed! So far the house is still holding up and thankfully everything broke right before we had to renew our home owner's warranty so it was all covered. Woopie!!

Now as we embark on our 2nd year, I'm already thinking about my 31st birthday {March 30th} in case you want to come back and leave me some blog love, Easter and Katelyn's 3rd birthday.

Here are some of the lovelies {inspiration} I've been day dreaming about.

New bedding to go with our new bedroom furniture we bought as our Christmas present to each other.

3. Pottery Barn - Block Print Pillows

4. Pottery Barn - Bee Pillow

5. Pottery Barn - Home Sentiment Pillow


Katelyn's 3rd Birthday - Pinwheel Theme

& even some handmade goodness for her bedroom

{source: Ooh La Lollipop}

Thank you to all of you who have shared in these memories with us and helped make our first year in this home an amazing one! Hope you are all having an amazing day! God Bless!

Love, Kyle, Alissa, Katelyn & Brayden

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There's no bigger distraction

than playing




to make your sad, grumpy little man forget that he's got 5 teeth coming in... for a least 10 minutes.

Then I spend another 20 minutes entertaining him by taking self portraits so he can see them on the itty bitty camera screen. Ahh! The amazing little things that entertain kids. But these pictures... they're priceless!

Love you little man! Don't worry you're teeth will all be in soon!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Bake

We had an impromptu cookie baking party for daddy last week. I'm pretty sure that the kids enjoyed the dough far more than the cookies, but since there were no raw eggs in the mix, I wasn't as concerned as I normally am. It's so fun to watch Katelyn get excited about putting all the ingredients in the bowl. We've been working in measurements and recipes.

And Voila! Delicious gingerbread starfish and cupcakes.