Friday, August 21, 2009

New business cards!

I'm so excited to share that my business cards are done, and I LOVE them! A good friend of ours, who does a lot of graphic design work for Kyle and bands he works with designed it for me. I feel like it suits me and my business perfectly and couldn't be happier. They are on order and I can't wait for them to arrive.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Idea

Last night I got to thinking about how important packaging and branding is now that I have this new business I'm so proud of. I felt that folding up a nursing cover up and shipping it wasn't satisfying me and I wanted to come up with a way to "package" each nursing cover up. After much thought I decided that what I needed to do was to put each nursing cover up in a matching tote bag. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this idea. It's going to look so great when I get the printed tags with my logo sewn onto them. That way when they are given as a gift each mommy gets an adorable tote bag to tote their nursing cover up in that will fit right into their diaper bag. Here's an example of what it's going to look like. What do you think? Doesn't it make you want to place an order for a friend whose expecting?! I hope so!!

Now that I've been getting so many orders....

Kyle and I were talking and we thought it was time that I made some of these products for myself to carry in my diaper bag. That way when I need to use them, and people comment on them I can hand them a business card. Genius! I know that this is going to help my business continue to grow. Thanks for the encouragement babe! Check out the blog to see more collections I've been working on.

I just did a nursing cover up, case and burp cloth set for a friend of mine in pink and white and loved it so much I went out and bought the same fabric in blue and green to make myself a nursing cover up for when our sweet baby boy arrives. I then decided to use the same material to cover my Petunia Picklebottom wipes case. It looks so much cuter now! I even got compliments at Norstroms last night. Then I took the left over material from the collection my friend ordered and used it to make Katelyn a crayon holder. She loves to play with her crayons and "color" in her coloring book. Still not sure if she's going to be a lefty or a righty, but it's fun to watch her use both hands to color.

I wuv my toes!

Katelyn's new favorite pastime is to grab her feet and suck on her toes. Ever since she discovered the relationship between the word "toes" and her feet, when we ask her to show us her toes, she grabs them and puts them in her mouth. It's hilarious to watch when she's sitting on the floor because she often falls over backwards with her toes still in her mouth. Then she laughs.

Of course when I try to take pictures she gets distracted wanting to see the picture of herself on the camera. I'm amazed by how she's able to figure out that when I take a picture I can show it to her afterwards.
We're still working on "say cheese."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to La Salon de Circle

Well as sad as I was to see it go, I had to trim Katelyn's bangs. Poor thing was spending the whole day pushing her hair out of her face and the front pieces weren't staying in her little bow. So I did something I thought I wouldn't do for another year.... at least.... I trimmed Katelyn's bangs. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. She loves to sit on the bathroom counter and brush her teeth while I blow dry her hair after she showers so it provided me with the perfect distraction for the cut. Of course right before i took the picture she was running around shaking her head so they look crooked in the picture. Oh well! At least I know that I cut them straight to begin with. As for the rest of her hair, it's going to be a while before it gets cut. I love watching all the ringlet curls she has grow out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My First Ferris Wheel Ride

Tonight Kyle and I decided to spend some family time having dinner and walking around the Spectrum. I love the Spectrum because it's an outdoor mall with plenty of great shops and restaurants. After grabbing a bite to eat and walking around some we decided to take Katelyn on the Ferris Wheel. One of our good friends Rosh works for the Irvine Company, who owns the Spectrum and he had given us free passes for the Carousel and Giant Wheel. Katelyn had so much fun on her first ride and spent most of it chatting and laughing. It wasn't until the end of the ride that she was done being strapped into the seat belt. The view from the top was great and Katelyn didn't get the least bit sick from the height or going around. We're working on, "Say Cheese!" and so far Katelyn's getting it. She says, "teese," and smiles. I can't believe how much she's growing and changing into a little girl each day. Seems like yesterday she was just a tiny little baby and now she is a running, dancing, laughing, talking toddler. I can't even begin to describe how much Kyle and I love her and love spending time with her. We are truly blessed!

Best Buds!!

Katelyn loves to spend time with her buddies Brooke and Jake. We were over at their house today and Katelyn decided to play with refrigerator magnets with Brooke. The next thing we know both girls were sitting next to each other chatting away. Of course, I was so glad I had my camera handy. How often do you get great pictures like these of multiple kids together?! Look how much Katelyn loves her friend Brooke.... her hand is on her leg. Too cute! After watching the girls take pictures, Jake decided to get in on the action.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fabulous New Fabrics!

Here are some fabulous new fabrics that I just bought. Get your orders in now while they last!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Dance!!

Katelyn is dancing to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, but you can't hear it because only the outside speakers were on. She had Robyn and I in stitches!!

On the Jet Ski's with Daddy

Kyle took Katelyn on a quick ride on the jet ski around the dock. It was so cute to watch her lean back and cuddle with here daddy while he drove her around for a few minutes. We're going to look for a life jacket for her so she can go a little farther than the dock when we head up there in 2 weeks with Kyle's family.

Helping Daddy clean

Katelyn running around helping Daddy sweep the deck. Kyle even let her do a little sweeping herself.

Big Bear Parade 2009

On Sunday around 11ish everyone packed up and headed down the mountain, except us that us. We decided to stay an extra day and spend time with our friend the Anderson's who live up in Big Bear. We haven't seen them since September and they are expecting their little baby girl Jetta Rue to make an appearance in the next 8 weeks. So exciting!! They were heading downtown for the annual Big Bear Parade and we decided to join them. Katelyn's never seen a parade before and she enjoyed waving at all the people going by and clapping for them. Too cute!! After the parade we headed back to the cabin for a nap. Ahhh!! It felt so great to get a nap. Joey and Robyn came over later that evening for a ride on the sea doo's (well not us girls) and to bbq some steaks. The weather was so beautiful we enjoyed our meal outside on the deck. We love spending time catching up on life with the Anderson's and can't wait to meet their baby girl. Thanks for letting me fish on your iphone Joey. Can't wait till the iphone comes out on Verizon, that's the 1st app I'm downloading for sure!

"Say Cheese"

Robyn, Katelyn and I relaxing before the parade started

Joey and Kyle "enjoying" the parade. *lol*

Big Bear August 2009

Ah it was so nice to getaway this past weekend and just relax with friends. We enjoyed cooking together, meal times, games, sea dooing, and having awesome conversations. Thanks to the Welches, Sherrills, Wakefields, and Brittany for coming and hanging out, we love you guys!! Friday we headed up to the cabin in Big Bear for some R&R. I'm always dumbfounded by the amount of stuff we need to cart around because we have Katelyn. It takes twice as long to pack the car now it seems, but so worth it because we love our little girl. One thing we didn't anticipate because we haven't been there since Christmas is Katelyn's newfound fascination with climbing and stairs. What a combination. We did bring our baby gate, but it didn't fit across the stairs so we all spent the whole weekend keeping one eye on Katelyn. Of course, it was inevitable that at some point I would turn away for 5 seconds and she would brave the stairs herself. Problem is that they are big stairs and the drop is 1 1/2 feet if you miss the stair, which she did. I'm not going to lie, I completely panicked deep inside as I rushed to scoop her up off the floor. When she fell she hit her right shoulder and the right side of her face. Here's a picture of her little black and blue. Guess we'll be getting bigger gates for our next trip.