Monday, February 21, 2011

Brayden's 15 Months Old!

Today I took Brayden to his 15 month wellness appointment. Glad to have all the health issues and concerns with his growth behinds us, I was anxious to see how tall he had gotten and how much weight he had gained. It's been a long 3 months and while we've been trying to monitor his height growth at home the last couple months, he's fidgety and I knew I'd get the best measurement today.
Here are his stats:
Height: 31 inches {yup! that's a 3 1/4 inch growth from his 12 mo appointment)
Weight: 22.6lbs

Brayden's in the 50th percentile for height, 10th percentile for weight and his head is measuring in the 75th percentile.

It's been so much fun watching Brayden grow and change over the last few months. We have to keep a close eye on him because now that Katelyn's fully potty trained {yup she even wakes up dry} we often find him here:

Brayden's favorite person besides his Mama is his sister Katelyn. He adores her and follows her everywhere. They love to play in the pretend play kitchen, build castles with their Little People legos, and run around outside. I'll have to upload the video soon, but Brayden can climb up our little toddler play set outside and slide down the slide all by himself.

Brayden loves to help out around the house. When Mommy vacuums the house, he follows along with his little vacuum to help. This picture was taken yesterday with my phone. He was helping Daddy sweep outside.

Brayden is finally sleeping through the night. It began on New Year's Eve and I'm happy to report that I'm not walking around like a zombie anymore. Buddy loves to talk and jabbers on in a language we have yet to understand, but every once in a while we catch a word we recognize {mama, dada, this, that, baba}.

We are finally done with bottles and soft tip sippy cups. I have quite the distain for those soft tip sippys. They love to leak everywhere.

Brayden understands what it means to come to the table to eat, get dressed and put on his shoes to go bye bye, take out his paci to talk, find his sister, and come get his juice or milk. This is encouraging to know that he understands even though he can't fully communicate it yet. The pediatrician was very reassuring today that boys tend to develop their large motor skills younger and they usually get their language a little later. This is not always the case, however, it did make me feel better.

Brayden's next appointment is when he turns 18 months. I'm so excited to see the growth that happens between now and then.

Love, Kyle, Alissa, Katelyn & Brayden